How to choose the right DTF ink?

How to choose the right DTF ink?

DTF ink consists of four color inks and one white ink, and is suitable for a variety of machine models and various types of nozzles. DTF white ink has good compatibility, high color density, no whitening, bright colors, soft hand feeling after heat transfer, good stretchability and resilience, high color fastness to dry and wet rubbing, color fastness to washing, and high fastness to perspiration (Level 4 or above), small prints are clear, dusting is clean, and fastness is good.

Choosing high-quality DTF white color ink mainly depends on the following points:

1. The acidity and alkalinity of the printer ink. For example, some metal parts of the printer will be corroded when they come into contact with the ink. We recommend that you use printer ink with neutral pH.

2. Observe the fluidity of the ink. Buy some trial ink and put it in the air. After a month to observe whether there are serious particle problems, you can identify its fluidity.

3. The surface tension of the ink is also a factor. The better the fluidity of the ink, the smaller the tension of the ink, and the finer the printed graphics and text lines.

4 Pay attention to the preservation of ink. The indoor temperature and humidity must be strictly controlled. The indoor temperature must not be lower than 18°C. For users in the south, when the temperature increases, the indoor humidity must be controlled. Excessive humidity will cause the picture to be difficult to dry and the material to be easily dampened, which will affect the printing effect and the post-processing of the pictures.

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