What is Heat Transfer Vinyl?

Heat Transfer Vinyl

What is Heat Transfer Vinyl?
It refers to the heat transfer film that needs to be cut/engraved during the heat transfer process.
There are various types of Heat Transfer Vinyl, including TPU elastic heat transfer vinyl, glitter lettering film, laser heat transfer vinyl, imitation metal lettering film, printable lettering film, PVC Heat Transfer Vinyl, flocked Heat Transfer Vinyl, reflective/luminous lettering film, cloth lettering film, thick Heat Transfer Vinyl and so on.

Advantages of HTV
1. Bright and clear color, bright and pure color
2. Using environmentally friendly materials, it has an excellent feel, is firmly colored, soft and does not crack, is elastic, and is resistant to ultraviolet rays and sunlight.
3. Does not fade or fade, does not fall off when washed by machine or hand, and is resistant to rubbing.
4. No odor, no glue opening or breakage under high and low temperature environments, no glue edges, and good elasticity;
5. Color transfer printing is possible to make the clothing patterns richer and more personalized.

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