What is DTF heat transfer film

What is DTF DTF Film?

DTF – Also known as Heat Transfer film, works on many different garment materials: Cotton, Nylon, Treated Leather, Polyester, 50/50 Blend, and light and dark fabrics. Transfers can even be applied to different types of surfaces such as luggage, shoes, and even glass, wood, and metal! You can apply your designs to various items by using DTF.

The principle of heat transfer is to print the pattern on the transfer film, shake the powder and dry it with a powder shaking machine, and then press it with a hot press to transfer the pattern on the film to various fabrics.

Heat transfer process products do not fade, have high tensile strength, bright colors, strong strength, waste-free and green environmental protection. Support personalized customization: T-shirts, sweaters, canvas bags, scarves, aprons, bags. No matter how detailed the picture is, it can be displayed perfectly.

What is DTF DTF Film
What is DTF DTF Film

Why can heat press printer surpass the traditional heat press process at once? Because the traditional heat press needs to print the processed picture first, and then use the laminating machine to cover the film. The heat transfer is more suitable for personalized printing. The designed pattern is directly sprayed on the transfer film, and the powder shaking machine automatically sprinkles the powder, shakes the powder, and then heats and dries. The customized processing can be completed in four steps. The printing pattern of the printer is accurately aligned, the hot melt adhesive powder is evenly sprayed, the color is automatically dried and protected, and the synchronous winding device saves time and labor. In the past, it took several days or even dozens of days for a product to go from design, proofing to delivery, but with the application of white ink heat transfer printing technology, the finished product can be obtained in one hour, and the production batch is not limited, which truly realizes small batches, multiple varieties, and fast React production process. The heat transfer process is short, and the finished product is ready after transfer, without steaming, washing and other post-processing processes. It is flexible and can be printed in a short period of time after the customer chooses the plan, without waiting.

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