Hot melt powder is a new type of polymer environmentally friendly hot melt adhesive. It is a combination of economy and quality requirements. It can be washed at 60 degrees and has high and low temperature resistance and flexibility, making it widely used in fiber textiles and thermal transfer printing. , heat transfer, adhesive interlining and other products are one of the indispensable raw materials

TPU hot melt powder is a white powder with different particle sizes, coarse powder 250-400um, medium powder 80-250um, fine powder 0-80um. Different specifications of hot melt adhesive powder can be customized according to customer needs.

Coarse powder is mainly used for flocking transfer printing. Medium powder is mainly used in the powdering process of heat transfer. TPU hot melt powder can be evenly sprinkled on the heat transfer film through the powdering process. It has strong adsorption properties and requires no fine powder residue, good wash fastness, and no blocking of the network. Fine powder is mainly used to be dispersed in glue. The glue made from TPU hot melt powder has the characteristics of good washing resistance, good fastness, fast drying speed, not easy to block the network, and does not affect the color of the ink.

1. Non-toxic, odorless, no solvent evaporation

2. No irritation to human skin

3. Good washing resistance

Packaging specifications: 1 kg/bag, 2 kg/bag, 25 kg/bag
Product advantages: . Stable quality, no impurities, less prone to clumping, and good filmformation after baking. Hot melt powder only adheres to the ink, not stick with printing film.. Goodelasticity, no cracking.

Usage scenario: Hot melt powder should be used in combination with printing film, water-based
CMYK ink, and white ink on film or roll mounted digital printers.
Storage conditions: Temperature 18-38 °C, humidity 40-60%

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