The Sublimation Transfer Paper

How to choose single and double-sided DTF film?

The choice of single and double-sided DTF film mainly depends on the white ink heat press machine you use. Regardless of whether the single-sided or double-sided printing film, which has been treated with anti-static treatment, it is not easy to stick to powder. However, the double-sided printing film has an anti-slip layer, which is better for alignment and not easy to slippery.

If it is an old white ink heat transfer machine, the paper pressure wheel is a single or double wheel type. It is recommended to use a double-sided heat transfer film. The technology of early white ink heat transfer machines was not mature enough. Some manufacturers’ white ink heat transfer machines The printer has the phenomenon that the heat transfer film will slip and the paper will scratch the nozzle. The double-sided heat transfer film increases the friction and can prevent the heat transfer film from slipping and the paper will scratch the nozzle when printing with a white ink heat transfer machine. #printing #white ink heat transfer

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