Heat Transfer Film

DTF heat transfer & The screen printing

The screen printing method refers to the method of using a screen punch plate and printing material to obtain graphics through scraping and printing.

1 Advantages of screen printing:
The printing is strong and can easily handle quantities of tens to hundreds of thousands. The cost of printing is also very low, and the air permeability and feel are relatively good.

2 Disadvantages of screen printing:
Printing requires film and plate making and environmental protection issues are not good. Plate making is troublesome, and the amount of waste water and waste ink generated during the production process is quite large. It is a key pollution target targeted by the country.

Moreover, each color of screen printing needs to be opened separately, so it is not suitable for printing patterns with too many colors.

The white ink heat transfer printing process has rich colors, bright colors, simple operation, fast printing speed, low cost, no need for hollowing out, no waste discharge, and is a green and environmentally friendly process. One piece can be customized and there is no quantity limit. However, the pattern printed with white ink will have a colloidal effect, so the feel and breathability may be inferior to that of silk screen, and it is not suitable for printing large-area patterns.

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