Development prospect of heat transfer film

About the principles and characteristics of thermal transfer printing

The basic principle of heat transfer printing: first print the pattern on the PET film coated with release agent. After drying, use this patterned film to iron the surface of clothes or other fabrics through high temperature and high pressure, leaving the pattern. , tear off the waste film and complete the heat transfer process. Therefore, this method is called “heat transfer”, also called “heat transfer heat transfer”. This hot stamping method is suitable for almost all clothing and all fabrics. The premise is that different methods must be used for different fabrics.

printing art. Especially for high-elastic stretch fabrics, the fabric itself has super elasticity. At this time, if the adhesive coating is improperly selected, the clothing will be easily cracked due to the violent stretching and movement of the limbs during outdoor activities, thus causing the clothing to crack. Affect the quality of clothes

Thermal transfer heat transfer can be subdivided into gel heat transfer and inkjet heat transfer. Glue heat transfer is suitable for batch operations. It requires a large four-color printing machine to print, and then apply backing glue after printing. The plate making fee and startup fee are relatively high. Inkjet heat transfer requires an inkjet printer to print on special transfer paper. It can be printed in a single piece, so the proofing fee is very cheap and it is suitable for small family workshops. However, this process is inefficient and the resolution is slightly inferior to that of process heat transfer. It is not suitable for printing dark clothes.

Advantages of gel heat transfer printing: it can print high-precision character photos and 3D game animation patterns and other colorful, full-layered, and delicate-toned patterns, which can be very close to computer design drafts. Disadvantages: The feel is not perfect. When touched by hand, it has a gelatinous feel, like a piece of plastic film that sticks to the skin. When the pattern is too large, the dress will feel stuffy when worn on the body. Because she can’t breathe. It would be best if you only decorate the clothing products with small patterns. Of course, when making luggage products, you don’t have to worry about whether they are breathable.

Heat transfer printing is suitable for many and complex fabrics. It is suitable for all kinds of fabrics and all kinds of clothing. However, due to the complexity of its process, users need to carefully select.

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