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DTF Film Vacuum Blister Sublimation Transfer Film

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Specifications: 430MM * 40M/roll, 610MM * 40M/roll,other customized.

Thickness: 0.2

Material: modified PP + PC FILM

Color: white film film, fog surface semi-permeable DTF Film, Korean silver film

Features: blister film, color is very close to the Korean film, mobile phone case and key cap common film, stretch does not change white, ink absorption performance is good


Widely used in: mobile phone shell, key cap, ceramics, game controller, Earphone Shell, protective gear, curved plastic products, aluminum tube, shaped products and other thermal transfer printing film


thermal sublimation film usage:

Notes: please print coating surface (matte surface for printing surface) that is white face up film temperature 130-150 degrees, time for 350 seconds

applicable range: for 3D thermal transfer phone case, 3D film case, thermal transfer soft case, 3D transparent case matching printer: Seiko Epson L1800, Seiko Epson (Epson 6080)


ink: thermal sublimation ink four or six colors or plus fluorescent color

thermal transfer machine: vacuum thermal transfer machine

Other material: blank cell phone case and blank key cap



How to use

1 place the thermal sublimation film on Seiko Epson L1800, Seiko Epson (Epson 6080 printer)

2 install the thermal sublimation ink (preferably with our company’s thermal sublimation ink)

3 print the thermal transfer film

4 dry for 15 minutes

5 place in the vacuum thermal transfer machine to heat for 12 seconds, then vacuum suction for 180 seconds

6 after the thermal transfer is completed

7 take out the used film

8 take out the cell phone case or keyboard cap

9 perfectly display the finished cell phone case or keyboard cap or curved surface products with edge transfer printing, etc.