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Crystal labels, also called UV transfer stickers, refer to a graphic production or decoration process in which white ink, varnish, etc. are printed layer by layer on a crystal film with adhesive backing through a UV flatbed digital printer, and then covered with a transfer film, and finally the film is used to transfer the pattern to the surface of the product. Because of its three-dimensional and crystal-like appearance, it is named crystal label.

What are the characteristics of crystal labels?
1. Use as you like
Crystal labels can be pasted as you like, and can be used as soon as they are torn off. It is convenient and fast, which solves the vacancy of printing irregular shapes and breaks the limitation that patterns can only be printed on flatbeds.
2. Rich colors
Crystal labels have very obvious advantages over ordinary labels, with bright patterns, rich colors, strong three-dimensional sense, high gloss, easy to carry and separate during transfer, and no residual glue.
3. Environmentally friendly and odorless
Pollution is reduced. Compared with the unpleasant and pungent smell of weak solvents and silk screen printing, UV ink greatly reduces pollution.

How long can UV dtf label last?
How long a crystal label can last depends on the material it is attached to and the environment it is in.
1. If the crystal label is attached to a hard and smooth surface and is in an indoor room temperature environment, it can theoretically be used for a long time.
2. However, if it is outdoors in the sun and rain, often rubbed or soaked in high-temperature water, such as tableware and hot water cups, there is a risk of falling off and cracking during cleaning and heating.
3. If the surface of the crystal label is a soft material, the attachment time will be greatly shortened.

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