Why the DTF Film of different manufacturers has color difference?

Some customers will ask why the DTF Film of different manufacturers has color difference. This is because the DTF Film coating formula of different manufacturers is different, and color difference is normal. For example, the transfer printing film that is easy to tear is often matte, while brightly colored DTF Film is not as easy to tear as matte film. It is a normal chemical reaction and is a normal phenomenon.

Generally, there are two kinds of printing films, cold peel and hot peel have different effects, and different patterns can use different DTF Films, such as making some retro patterns, using a matte printing film, and some patterns that require bright colors, especially printing monochrome, using single-sided printing film has a good effect.

The double-sided film is relatively neutral. It has bright colors and is particularly easy to tear. Because the performance of the printing film on the market is not very stable, it is difficult for one DTF Film to have all the patterns. Diversified DTF Films are more suitable for the diversification of products and personalized markets.

Printable pet transfer film|PET printing release film, the surface of PET printing release film is coated with matte release agent, the surface is smooth and clean, evenly coated, without defects such as wrinkles, tears, particles, bubbles, etc. It has the advantages of excellent physical and mechanical properties, shrinkage rate paper, high temperature resistance, small thickness tolerance, good matte performance, low thermal shrinkage rate, good release type, silicon coated on the back without static electricity, etc.

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