What is the difference between single-sided heat transfer film and double-sided heat transfer film?

What is the difference between single-sided DTF Film and double-sided DTF Film?

The double-sided heat transfer printing film has one more coating layer than the single-sided heat transfer printing film, so the double-sided DTF Film will be thicker, and the single-sided DTF Film will be thinner. Cold-tear DTF Film needs to wait until the printing film cools down before it can be torn off, while hot-tear DTF Film can also be called instant tear film, which means that the heat transfer printing film can be torn off immediately. How to correctly choose high-quality and suitable white ink heat press printing film?

First of all, it depends on what kind of heat press machine is used. If it is an old white ink heat press machine, the pressure roller is the one with single or double wheels. It is recommended to use double-sided DTF Film. Early white ink heat transfer The machine technology is not mature enough. Some manufacturers of white ink heat transfer printers have the phenomenon that the DTF Film slips and arches the nozzle. The double-sided DTF Film increases the friction, which can prevent the DTF Film from slipping and arching when the white ink heat transfer machine prints The paper is scraped against the nozzle.

If it is the kind of press roller currently used by the three-wheeled white ink heat press machine, it will not slip when using a single film or a double film.

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