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Oil is discharged and water returns in DTF film printing?

What should you do if oil is discharged and water returns?

Oil production, water return, and foaming are all closely related to materials, environment, and processes.
The white ink heat transfer film consists of a printing film and a heat transfer film. The printing film is divided into an ink-absorbing layer, a release layer, a PET film, and a back coating to prevent slipping. The color ink layer and the white ink layer are formed through inkjet printing. The powder layer is formed by shaking powder and drying process. Colored ink and white ink are water-based materials and contain a large amount of water. Rubber powder is an oily resin material. During the drying and film-forming process, the rubber powder can easily melt to form a film. Colored ink and white ink are water-based materials and contain a large amount of water. The water in the ink needs enough time and temperature to dehydrate and dry. The phenomenon of water return, oil and bubbling in heat transfer printing is because the water in the ink is not completely dried and accumulates between the PET printing film and the glue powder layer and cannot escape. produced.

So how to solve it?
#First, solve it from the aspect of materials. Choose consumables of suitable and good quality. When replacing the ink, you need to shake it thoroughly and evenly to prevent the ink from settling and excessive moisture on it. Of course, if the ink is of poor quality, it will be easily replaced no matter how much you shake it evenly. Return water and produce oil;

Secondly, adjust the equipment, turn on the front and rear heating of the printer in advance to ensure the temperature, increase the temperature of the oven appropriately, and slow down the speed to allow the film to stay in the drying tunnel for sufficient time:

Thirdly, pay attention to changes in the environment. Keep it dry in damp weather. If the indoor humidity is too high, you can dehumidify it. The consumables can also be dried before printing.

#Fourthly, pay attention to the storage method. When storing white ink heat transfer printing film, you should pay more attention to moisture-proof. The printing film easily absorbs moisture and is affected by moisture. The printing film affected by moisture can easily cause ink scattering and oil return of the printing pattern. Therefore, the printed film should be returned to the original packaging after each use, and should be kept away from the ground and walls as much as possible. If there is no packaging bag, the bottom of the film can be wrapped, sealed and stored in a ventilated and dry place.

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