DTF Film Vacuum Blister Sublimation Transfer Film

Mobile phone case/blister sublimation transfer film

Vacuum blister sublimation dumb film ink-absorbing coating (mobile phone case/blister sublimation transfer) film film

Applied to vacuum sublimation film, film film, plastic digital vacuum stretchable plastic film, vacuum digital printing film for irregular products, such as mobile phone cases, special-shaped parts blister/injection molding and other sublimation transfer printing processes. It is suitable for the coating of substrate films such as APET/PET/PC/PVC/PE, and various equipment coating processes such as comma scraper, slit, and dimple can be selected. The thermal sublimation transfer film produced with this coating has good ink absorption (ink fixation) effect, and the color transfer rate is over 90%.


1. This coating can be directly coated, but due to different substrates, the adhesion will be different. If the adhesion cannot meet the quality requirements of your own products, you can improve the adhesion by corona on the film surface, or you can choose pre-coating film, or first coat a layer of adhesion-promoting coating to solve the adhesion requirements.

2. Drying temperature: 60~150 degrees, parabolic temperature adjustment, the coating is completely dry.

3. The best dry coating thickness of the coating: 20~30 microns.

4. Disperse and stir for 2~3 minutes before use (there may be precipitation after long-term storage, but it will not affect the use after stirring).

5. It can be diluted with isopropanol.


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