Haiyi DTf film

custom Heat Transfer Film

Haiyi DTf film

The surface of the film is dry and clean, and can be easily peeled in the hot, cold and warm conditions.

Major advantages:

The pattern after ironing is like the texture of PU glue, the tensile resilience is strong and does not deform, and the feel is softer than the glue (30~50% softer than the pattern printed by the oily coating film).

2. Adapt to the vast majority of inks in the market, 100% ink volume, neither accumulate ink nor flow ink.3. The surface of the film is dry, can sprinkle 200 mesh ultrafine powder without sticking powder, and can be easily torn hot, warm and cold.

4. With the exclusive core key technology at the forefront of the industry, the control of quality and stability has more advantages, and the power of scientific and technological innovation leads the development of the industry to a new direction.


1. The surface with ink-absorbing coating is the printing surface;

2. Handle it with care and pay attention to the anti-scratch ink-absorbing coating;

3. Bake for 40 to 90 seconds after printing (adjust the appropriate temperature according to the performance of the hot melt powder);

4. Choose 60~80 mesh hot melt powder to achieve instant tearing, 100~150 mesh hot melt powder is recommended for warm or cold tearing, and 150 mesh or above hot melt powder is recommended for cold tearing;

5. Store in a dry place and avoid moisture.

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