Why is it difficult to peel off white Direct to Film (DTF) ?

Why is it difficult to peel off white Direct to Film (DTF) ?

Sometimes using the same DTF film, it is good to peel off. why is it difficult for you to peel off ? and it often gets torn. What is the reason?
Maybe the hot stamping temperature is wrong. It must be adjusted to the appropriate temperature. The hot stamping temperature for general cotton T-shirts is around 130-160.
Secondly the hot stamping pressure is not enough. You should increase the hot stamping pressure. The greater the pressure, the better the hot stamping effect will be.

Thirdly some films are divided into hot and cold peel. If the hot peel film is used as a cold peel film, or the cold tearing film is used as a hot tearing film, it will not be able to be torn off or will be torn, so When using, be sure to distinguish between cold peel film and hot peel film.

Only by choosing a good PET DTF film can you avoid worries.

Ink Smudging: This prevalent issue in DTF printing can ruin the quality of your prints. It often occurs when the ink is not drying properly or when excessive ink is applied
Film Adhesion: Another issue could be poor adhesion of the ink to the film. This can be a result of incompatible film or failure to properly clean and dry the film before printing

Film Peel Characteristics: The choice of film peel is crucial in DTF print softness. A heavy film coating may result in a cumbersome feel, while a light coating can affect ink adhesion.

Please be mindful of these factors when experiencing a difficulty in peeling off white DTF film. If you want to learn more knowledge, pls feel free to contact us. www.haiyidtf.com

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