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Material: PET
Specifications:50cm*50m or customized.
Cold peel
Press time:10-15s
Ink load:Maxium 400%
Application: textiles/clothing/pillows/table cover/household products, T-shirts, bags, shoes, socks, leather and more


Reflective Colorful DTF Film
Haiyi new product – Reflective colorful DTF printing film. When you use the light to shine on this transferred DTF film, you can see the color reflection effect similar to the reflective heat transfer vinyls when you find an appropriate angle, which is very suitable for personalized customization.
The Reflective colorful DTF film does not need to replace your printer and ink. And it also has a high ink load and a soft touch feeling. It is not easy to arch and can effectively protect your nozzle.

Special reflective effect
Low shrinkage, high-temperature resistance
Excellent physical and mechanical properties
Strong ink absorption capacity
Reflective effect in rainbow colors
High ink loading and easy peel
No need to change DTF printers and DTF inks
Prints soft and elastic