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TPU Hot Melt Powder

Specification: 25KG/bag
Composition: polyurethane
Hot melt adhesive type: leather shoe shaping hot melt adhesive
Working temperature type: high temperature
Melting point: 95-105 degrees
Environmental protection level: superior product

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TPU Hot melt powder is also known as polyurethane hot melt powder. TPU hot melt powder is generally white or black. It has good washing resistance and high-temperature resistance. And widely used in heat transfer printing, hot stamping and other industries.
Hot-melt powder for heat transfer is divided into four types: coarse powder, medium powder, fine powder and superfine powder (coarse powder: 80µm, medium powder 160µm, fine powder 200µm, superfine powder 250µm). Each powder works a little differently. For example, coarse powder is mainly used for flocking transfer printing, and fine powder is mainly used for film saccharification transfer printing


Wide Compatibility & High-Quality TPU Powder

This DTF Powder works with all DTF &DTG printers on the market include DTG DTF printer. The DTF hot-melt powder for DTF transfer inks and films is made from TPU material which is soft and stretchy feel, also providing high adhesion. It is especially suitable for adhesion of high elastic cloth such as Lycra, cotton, nylon, leather, EVA and other materials. It has excellent bonding. The colors will turn out bright, vivid and waterproof and they are washable and durable.


1. Easy bonding and excellent adhesion

2. Low melting point

3. Good breathability and good stability

4. Excellent laundry and dry cleaning resistance

5. Package comes with two packs of powder in the box, available in 4.409 lbs.