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Material: PET
Specifications:50cm*50m or customized
Cold peel
Press time:10-15s
Ink load:Maxium 400%
Application: textiles/clothing/pillows/table cover/household products, T-shirts, bags, shoes, socks, leather and more

Special Laser Glitter effect
Low shrinkage, high-temperature resistance
Excellent physical and mechanical properties
Strong ink absorption capacity
High ink loading and easy peel
No need to change DTF printers and DTF inks
Prints soft and elastic

DTF is a revolutionary new printing technique that’s more affordable and accessible compared to DTG, screen printing, sublimation or laser white toner transfers. DTF required a modified printer, Special DTF ink (It can also be used in your DTG printer as a DTG ink), Special DTF powder and DTF transfer film. With DTF you can transfer to 100% cotton shirts without pretreatment, saving a lot of money and time. DTF uses a lot less ink than DTG. DTF is washable unlike unrasterized laser toner transfers and it feels a lot better to the touch. Haiyi Support the customization of various special films, personalized custom patterns.