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Hot And Cold Peel Heat Transfer Film

Material: PET
Thickness: 75um (mm)
Specifications: 0.30m*100m, 0.6m*100m (23.6″328ft), 1.2m*100m, A3, A4 or customized

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Attribute: matte double-sided models/single-sided glossy models
Instructions for use: transfer temperature: 130-145°C; transfer time: 5-7 seconds; transfer pressure: 4-5kg;
How to use: Second peel, cold peel, hot peel;
Test conditions: washing machine water temperature: 40 ℃, 30min/time, more than 50 times;
GB/T86295A washing standard;
Application fields: sportswear, T-shirts, advertising shirts, group clothing, children’s clothing, luggage, shoes and hats, etc.

Details description:
Transfer film, water-based coating, environmentally friendly, the transfer pattern is colorful and waterproof.
Compatible with most inks to provide good color performance and clarity for transfer patterns.
Bright colors and durable. Hot and cold tearing white ink DTF Film has high color yield and high reduction degree to achieve bright and clear colors. Washable, soft to the touch, and durable. Any tearing technology supports hot and cold tearing.
Compatible with most printers and inks on the market, it can also ensure the bright colors of small ink patterns, and match with suitable printers and inks to provide appropriate thickness, better firmness, skin-friendly texture and elasticity
No volatile organic compounds, both sides of hot and cold tear white ink DTF Film have been treated with antistatic treatment. The full specification rubber powder has no powder residue after shaking well
Hot and cold tear-off white ink DTF Film with advanced double matte surface, which can keep the film running more smoothly without slipping off.
With the most professional printing solution team, we can provide solutions to various troubles and problems encountered in the printing process. Lifetime technical support for all products against any defects. Enjoy hassle-free returns in case of damage. Always responsible for defective merchandise.
Each film is water-based coated, non-toxic and environmentally friendly.