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The Sublimation Transfer Paper

Transfer method: direct printing
Transfer printing method: sublimation transfer printing
Uses: Plates, Cloth, Bags, Cotton, Cups, Clothing, etc.
Size width: 1620mm or customized
Length: 100m 200m or can be customized
Transfer temperature 180-220 degrees Celsius
Transfer time 20-30s
Transfer rate 95%-98%
Drying time 2-3 minutes

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1,work on sublimation printers
2,special ink, use sublimation ink to print
3,transfer the printed transfer paper to fabric textile with good result
4,bright color,washable
5,sublimation paper specialized paper for sublimation ink, natural color, transfer rate to 98%

The sublimation transfer paper is made for inkjet printing with sublimation ink images such as portraits, landscapes and characters are printed on paper in mirror image. The paper and fabric are heated to about 200℃ a heat press,and the dye in printed ink instantly becomes vaporized and after pressing diffuses into the fabric, in that way the printed images is transferred from the paper to the fabric made of or containing polyester nylon, and spandex fibers (depending on the printing ink used). Compared with the traditional technologies in textile dyeing and printing industry, this transfer printing technology is more convenient, more customer friendly and eco-friendly. It’s a real qreen technology.The transferred images are vivid, rich in color levels and durable on the fabric suitable for customised and personalized market.